Making a great record is a time consuming process…

Yepp, especially when you do not have a huge budget. But what you make anything slowly, with passion, not-too-fast thinking, friendship… Then you can expect something really good. All the 11 songs are there, pre-mixed, even. We are just finalizing them, with the help of our producer, Kari Kuivamäki. We hope to get the package together by summer, let’s see… But here a short cut of ”All are gone”, written by Masa Rechardt. Not finally mixed, but close.

Check it here:

Making a new record , here is the previous one. Because you are our friend.

Our latest effort was an EP, or just four great singles in 2018. We are now working on a new one. Therefore, tracks of that already ancient proof of good – no – magnificent Finnish hard rock are now available free of charge, only for you. From a cold town of Helsinki, northeast from everything.



NEG: Masa, Michael and Markku


We won in USA – rock song of the month!

We are proudly informing, that we won The Akademia Music Award for Best Rock Song for ’Guided By The Light’ in the April 2019 Akademia Music Awards!

The song is written  by Masa Rechardt. And you can find it on Spotify etc.


Don’t forget 17th Oct!!!

Mascot in Helsinki on 17th Oct. Showtime 21.30. We are so good now! A new single just to pop out.

Treeneissäkin tiukka meininki. Älä unohda tulla Mascotiin 17 lokakuuta (4. linja 2, Helsinki). Northeast Gale on hurjassa iskussa. Uusia biisejä, tiukkaa tiukempaa soittoa. Ota kaverit mukaan. Julkaisemme uuden singlenkin juuri ennen keikkaa.