Breaking all the rules…

is a good advice; that is what you need every day to be a decent citizen. Thus we are going to publish our new single with that title in Spotify, iTunes etc etc. within the next 10 days or so. Stay tuned.
Jep, Breaking all the rules, jossa Masa soittaa elämää suuremman kitarasoolon, ilmestyy Spotifyhyn ja muihin suoratoistopalveluihin noin 20. huhtikuuta mennessä. Kuunnelkaa. Se on parempi kuin… no, yksikään, mitä ennen olemme tehneet ja huonompi, kuin se, mitä teemme huomenna. Anyways, break the rules. Be a human. Grow, create.  And wait.

It is so slow…

It is SO time consuming to make a record. As a musician you just play and leave the studio with a great feeling of good job done… Then the producer starts to tweak. And, of course, does it perfectly. But… Then you feel, that the tomtom sound is not perfect. And there should be more presence. And the overall sound is… And, and. We know, that Jouni hates us. But we love him. The EP  is coming, however, and it is going to be a lot greater than us. It is going  to be a notheast gale.

Yestarday, great guitar solos in Sonic Pump

Well, we know that Mr. Rechardt is somewhat decent guitar man, but yesterday Jouni got him to create some amazing things. Solos e.g. in ”Breaking all the rules”… Just wait.

We also got some other nice ideas.

Great afternoon. Thanks Sonic Pump, thanks Jouni. And our deepest condolences for your grandfather.

Gibson in right hands
”Johnny Crash”
And all these buttons are useless…